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Career development[edit | edit source]

  • Accreditation - The purpose of this tape is to provide some information about the accreditation of engineering programs in the United States. This tape provides history and background on the accreditation process, tells a little about the organizational structure of the Engineers' Council for Professional Development, talk about the accreditation cycle, and talk about your obligation as an IEEE visitor to the profession and the IEEE. Talk by Robert M. Saunders.
  • Career Planning - Larry Dwon presenting to college students on career planning, May 1st, 1979
  • Panel Discussion on Employer-Employee Relations - A panel on employer/employee relations, from the perspectives of industry, government, and academia, featuring Jim Mulligan, exec. secretary, NAE, Eric Ward, Federal Council of Science and Technology, Harold J. Ammond, exec. sec, Association of Scientists and Professional Engineering Personnell, Don Chanel, dir. Washington office of American BAR Association and Trevor Clark, manager, Information Systems of Aerospace and Electronic Systems div., Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Recorded November 16th, 1970
  • Management Principles for Engineers - The word management is not easily defined. To one person it means the act or manner of managing, handling, directing or controlling. To another person management means a skill in management or a kind if in born executive ability. To a third person management concerns a person or persons managing an institution or business. Getting people to carry out objectives, whether they be your objectives or the objectives of the company you work for, can be programmed, more or less. Getting things done through people is a good, quick summary of what management is all about. This tape, produced in 1970, contains a number of strategies and principles for managers to act the most efficiently in the engineering setting.

IEEE Career Concepts[edit | edit source]

A series of tapes produced in the early 1970s designed to provide information to those potentially interested in a career in engineering.

  • Your Career in Electrical Engineering - 72-CD-01 - Walter Beam talks about what an electrical engineer does, typical college curriculum, and what to expect when entering the professional world.
  • A Bio-Medical Engineering Career - 72-CD-02 - This IEEE Career Development tape explores the opportunities for engineers, and particularly for electrical engineers. In the hospitals, increasing automation in instruments used by physicians and surgeons suggest that many new opportunities will open in the next few years. Talk by Donald Behrendt, Medical Research Programs, Veterans Administration Hospital, Long Beach, CA.

Conference sessions[edit | edit source]

IEEE 1969 International Convention and Exhibition[edit | edit source]

  • Automation for Health - Gerald Cohen, National Institutes of Health, chair, Bruce Waxman, (unable to attend, read by Cohen), "Technological Opportunities for the Delivery of Health Care", George Webb, Johns Hopkins Hospital, "One View of Automation for Patient Clinical Care"
  • Living and Working in Space - Wernher von Braun, chair, remarks on earth orbit space stations, Walton L. Jones, "Manned Systems Interfaces", Douglas Lord, "A Timetable for Space Stations", Walter Cunningham, "Experiences with Living and Working in Space", [E.Z. Gray], [American industry's role in space program]
  • System Technologies in Politics and Economics - W.W. Seifert, MIT, "The Impact of Technology on Transportation" (only very end of talk), Arthur Barber, Institute for Politics and Planning, "The Impact of System Technology on Education", Cesar Cacerers, National Center for Health Services, "Impact of System technology in Healthcare Delivery", Leland Johnson, Rand Corporation, "Impact of Technological Advance on the National Telecommunications System", Manfred Altman, Utilization Center for Urban Research and Engineering, "Impact of System Technology on Urban Development"
  • Where is the Electrical Engineering profession headed? - Sy Herwald Jr., IEEE Past President, VP Westinghouse, William Linville, Stanford, John L. McLucas, United States Under Secretary of the Air Force, Tom Rogers, office of research development of housing and urban development department, Vladimir [Sefirov], Popov Society, Eric Walker, president, Penn State University, NAE
  • Comments on Corporate Financial Success - Herbert Roth, "Problems associated with companies in turnaround situations", Benjamin Barth, VP Conrac, "A growing but substantial company and their problems in the use of financial controls"
  • LSI In Use - Jack Field, "Operational Computer aided systems and MOS-LSI Design procedure", Joe Campeau, "The Block Oriented Computer", J.B. Herzog, "The LIMAC: An LSI demonstration vehicle", Bill Wickes", "LSI in use: The practical approach"
  • Communications and the Computer - Lawrence G. Roberts, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Office of Sec of Defence, "Research Sharing Computer Networks", Gerald Estrin, UCLA, "Bottlenecks in Architecture of Computer-Communications Studies", Sam Estes & Ray Kerby, IBM, "Communication Requirements for Computers", R.W. Lucky, Warren Cornell & EE David (on panel only), Bell Labs, "Computers from the Communications Viewpoint"

EUROCON 1971[edit | edit source]

INTERCON[edit | edit source]

1972[edit | edit source]

  • Applications of Electronics to Automobiles of the Future - Blair Tyson, GM, "A Systems Approach to Automotive Control Electronics", Mike Bertioli, Lucas Research, "Development of Electronics for British Automobiles", Katano, Ito, Wakamatsu, "On The Okay Meter Fault Detection System for Automobiles", Wendell Harrison, TI, "Electronic Device Development for the Automotive Market"
  • Cable TV - What's Happening - Al Stern, metro cable, study on Akron, OH, Paul Lester Klein, the next visual medium, Wilbur Pritchard, "The art of the Satellite", Hub Schlafly, Teleprompter
  • Communications - Tomorrow's Substitute for Transportation - Jim Alves, NASA, Alex Reed, director Communications Study Group, joint unit for planning research, University College, London, Arthur Williams, Bell Labs, Sid Polk, MITRE, Richard Harkness, Boeing
  • Computer Aided Network and Circuit Analysis and Design - George Szentirmai, Cornell, moderator, Chris Pottle, Cornell, Maier Blostein, McGill, Allen Wilson (?), Bell Labs, Bob Friedensen, Bell Labs
  • Introduction of New Products - Al Jones, General Radio Company (moderator), "Creating the New Product Opportunity", Jordan D. Lewis, Battelle Development Corporation, "Marketing Strategy During A New Product Cycle", Frank McCarty, "Producibility at a Profit", Alfred Levy, RCA
  • Modern Control Logic - Jim Field, "Logic Symbology, Manipluation and Simplification", Peter Forshaw, "IC Families", Warren Little, "Digital Memory Elements", Peter Forshaw, "Binary Arithmetic: Counters, Adders and Registers", Warren Little, "Minicomputer Realization of Control Logic"
  • Programming Languages for the Layman - Fernando J. Corbató, MIT, Thomas Kurtz, Dartmouth, Adin Falkoff, IBM, Philip Smith, University of Waterloo
  • Telecommunications - An Aid to Solving Urban Problems - Bill Everitt, chairman of committee on telecommunications of the National Academy of Engineering, Dick Gifford, GE, Dr. Mark, Mr. Henningberg, Alan Siegel

1973[edit | edit source]

  • IEEE INTERCON 1973 Opening Session - Session designed to look forward in program areas that constitute IEEE program for the immediate year ahead and implications for extension in future years. Speakers: Don Fink (mod.), Harold Chestnut, John Guerrera, Joseph Dillard, Robert Cotellessa, Bob Tanner, Robert Saunders, Chuck [Canyes?]
  • Numeric and Alphanumeric Displays for Instruments - Burt Frescura, Hewlett-Packard, chair, Bob Cleary, Optical Coding Laboratories, liquid crystal displays, Bob Steward, Hewlett-Packard, LED displays, John Pitman, Burroughs, Alpha Numeric and Numeric Display Devices for instrument applications
  • New Developments in Signal Generators - Richard Hall, mod., "A New Approach to Signal Generation", Roger Huskins, Rockland, Ralph Sandstrom, VP, Logimetrics, Ray Shannon, Hewlett-Packard

Sy Evandorf, Ray Poland

  • Electro Mechanical vs Solid State - "There Will Always Be A Relay", Hugh J. Cohen, Struthers-Dunn, "Power Switching Using Solid-State Relays", Thomas McNulty, RCA
  • Can Direct Interaction With A Computer Serve You? - Bob Dunn, Signal Corps, Rene [Busquet?], Lockheed
  • IEEE Awards Luncheon - luncheon honoring recipients of nobel prize for development of transistor (25th anniversary), presenting with special commemorative medal by President Chestnut. Award given to John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, William Shockley, commemorative stamps for inventions in electronics introduced by Edward Dorsey

WESCON[edit | edit source]

1971[edit | edit source]

  • Air Pollution Control, Where we are and Where We're Going - Randy Bertrand, "A 5 Year R&D Plan for Air Pollution Instrumentation", [Dr.] Falstein, "Measurement and Control of Regional Air Quality", paper written by Anders Jefsen, talk given by Lee Langin, "Correlation Spectroscopy and its Applications to Remote Sensing of Environmental Air Quality", John Hearn, "Pollution Measurement and Microwave Spectroscopy", Chuck Wells [?], "Stochastic Modeling and Control of Ambient Air Pollution"
  • Satellites - Robert Hockenberger, "Space Station Communications", Bruce Bachofer, "Earth Resources Technology Satellite System", Fordice, Sajjad Durrani
  • Future of Medical Information Systems - Temple Newman, chairman, Baldwin Gaylord Lamson, Jerry Grossman, Warner Slack, Dr. Gampel

1973[edit | edit source]

  • Intelligence in Instrumentation - WESCON Session 22, September 13th, 1973, 10 AM, panel: France Rode, Richard Blackwell, Jr., Bruce Hamilton, Leo Chamberlain, Rudolf Panholzer, chairman

IEEE Cassette Colloquia[edit | edit source]

A continuing series of audio tapes produced in the early 1970s containing contemporary information on broad subjects of interest to electronic and electronics engineers.

  • Future of Air Traffic Control Systems - 70-CC-01 - Neil Blake, FAA Air Traffic Control Division, discusses saturation during peak hours at major terminals, the increasing threat of midair collision in mixed airspace, and the increasing cost of the air traffic control system. Systems Technology Session at IEEE Cedar Rapids Section Conference on Applications of New Electronics Technologies, 9/13/1969.
  • Integrated Circuits for Consumer Applications - 70-CC-03 - Contains three talks, Carl Wellman, manager of appliance projects at General Electric in Syracuse, "Integrate for Household Appliances After Careful Value Study", Thomas E. Endris, project director of radio design, Delta Radio Corporation, "Integrated Ciruits and the Automobile Radio", Richard A. Santilli, manager of linear applications at RCA, "Transition to Linear Integrated Circuits in Television Receivers"
  • Principles for Programming Process Computers - 70-CC-04 - This colloquium consists of a seminar on programming for industrial process computers held during the 1970 IEEE International Convention and Exhibition in New York City. The material included was selected by Eric A. Weiss and represents a summary of the subject. This colloquium provides an introduction to the problems with programming digital computers for online real time control of industrial processes.
  • Upcoming Decade of Automotive Electronics - 71-CC-05 - VTG Group introducing upcoming decade of automotive electronics. Contributors: J.R. Welty; B. Vonderschmitt; C.C. Winkler; C. Phipps.
  • Sales Management Techniques - 71-CC-06 - A discussion attempting to define and discuss excellence in sales management. Contributors: C.L. Bouffiou; J.J. Hennessy; C.R. Serafini; C.J. Scott.
  • Engineering Management Interface - 71-CC-07 - Presenters give their views on what makes an engineer's job meaningful. Contributors: Jack Bertram, director of engineering programs and technolgy, IBM Corporate Headquarters; Herb Sheldon, engineering manager of organizations AT&T Headquarters; Al Siepert, president at Rensis Likert Associates.
  • The Engineer as Entrepreneur and Manager: Engineering Management Strategies - 72-CC-09 - Talk by Dr. W.R. Beam on engineering management strategies.
  • The Invention of the Transistor - 72-CC-10 - William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter H. Brattain discuss their landmark invention.
  • The Engineer as Entrepreneur and Manager: Doing Business with the Department of Transportation - 72-CC-11 - Talk by James C. Elms on doing business with the Department of Transportation
  • Energy Crisis Engineering Solutions - 72-CC-12 - A discussion with C.J. Wylie, L.G. Hauser, P.R. Keep, and J.L. Elliott on engineering solutions for the energy crisis.
  • Pensions - 74-CC-13 - A discussion on pensions with Bill Keyes, Frank Cummings, Dick Backe, Bill Astrop and Tom Sternau.

Dial Access Technical Education (DATE)[edit | edit source]

A series produced segments, roughly fifteen minutes in length, dealing with overviews of technical topics

IEEE Soundings[edit | edit source]

A series of general interest programs produced in the early 1970s spanning a broad range of subjects.

  • Systems Engineering: Art, Science and Politics - 70-S-01 - A discussion on systems engineering by a distinguished panel of experts from military and industrial systems development organizations. Contributors: Harry I. Davis; Robert E. O'Donohue; Harold Chestnut; Eugene Fubini; Jack A. Baird; R[obert] A. Frosch; R. Holton; W.A. Douglass; Thomas Kelly.
  • Electronics in Commercial Aviation - 70-S-02 - Presentations on the air system and its avionic elements by government and industrial leaders in the development of new and better systems for future air transportation. Contributors: The Hon. James M. Beggs; Dr. James Elms; Dr. Harry Davis; Dr. Robert Cannon, Jr.; Warren Swanson; Carroll B. Keck.
  • The Environment: Its Engineering Challenges - 70-S-03 - An attempt by IEEE Soundings to collect the most pertinent information related to the engineering challenges presented by reducing pollution created by humanity. Soundings covered a number of technical sessions at conferences on both coasts and selected talks which convey both the potential and the pragmatics of this complex area. The selection was based on talks which have suggestions for action, at the conclusion of the tape is a list of IEEE and external publications. Contributors: Dr. H.H. Heffner; Dr. A. Cywin; Dr. A.R. Siegel; Dr. J.L. Knetsch; Dr. L.H. Blair.
  • The Human Voice and the Computer - 70-S-04 - IEEE Soundings examines the human voice and the computer. Contributors: Dr. J.L. Flanagan; Prof. J. Allen; Dr. F.S. Cooper; Dr. L.R. Rabiner; Dr. W.D. Chapman; Dr. C.H. Coker.
  • Engineering in the Health Industry - 71-S-05 - Contributors: Dr. M.D. Schwartz; G.I. Hickey, Jr.; Dr. B.G. Lamson; Dr. M.F. Collen; Dr. W.V. Slack; Dr. P.H. Griffith; Dr. J. Apter.
  • The Solid State Industry: A Technological and Economic Forecast - 71-S-06 - Excerpts of a technological and economic assessment of the future of solid state technology as presented by a panel of distinguished experts, assembled at the 1972 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference in Philadelphia. Contributors: Richard L. Petritz; J.F. Bucy; Robert N. Noyce; John Welty. Editor: Dr. Walter R. Beam. Guest Editor: Dr. Richard R. Rikoski.
  • Automotive Electronics - 71-S-08 - This edition of Soundings examines automotive electronics, and the marriage between solid state electronics and automotive machinery. Talks held at Southeastern Michigan Vehicular Technology Chapter Joint Session, December 1971 with representatives from the biggest three automotive manufacturers. Contributors: C.L. Hogan; E.W. Meyer, Jr.; C.D. Simmons; T.O. Jones; K.H. Keller; J.C. Zaalberg.
  • Minicomputers - 72-S-01 - A visit to the birthplace of the minicomputer, the plant of Digital Equipment Corporation in Maynard, MA. Contributors: D.S. Diamond; K.H. Olsen; A. Knowles; J.L. Marcus.
  • How to Beat Swords into Plowshares: Technology Utilization - 72-S-02 - A series of talks about engineering and problem solving in the civic sector as opposed to military and space. Taken from a panel at WESCON 72. Contributors: R.L. McGinley; Dr. Marshall Alper; Clare Farley; Dr. Frank Hersman.
  • Women in High Technology Industries - 72-S-03 - A discussion panel given at the 1973 IEEE WESCON conference devoted to women in high technology industries. The panel is composed of executives who have had personal experience with the problems connected with the achievement of improved utilization of women in managerial and professional positions within high technology industries. Discussed are the motivational forces that have to take place in industry for women to advance, the aspiration level of women, upward mobility including women in management, and various types of sexism and discrimination women encounter in the field. After the panelists finish speaking, a Q&A session followed, with participation of the audience.
  • Understanding Automation: An Engineering Management Philosophy - 72-S-04 - A talk on the need to take a serious look at the philosophy of management as it relates to automation electronics, regardless of the type of industry, plant or production problem, and how automation is rapidly changing. Editor: Roger W. Bolz.
  • The Young Engineer in Modern Society - 74-S-01 - For the young engineer today, the future holds challenges seldom, if ever before, present. Regardless of the direction of his or her future plans or ambition, the young engineering modern society will do well to consider these challenges in all their ramifications. David C. Allison, R&D, interviews Dr. Myron Tribus, senior executive vice president, both of Xerox corporation about these issues.
  • Electronic Reliability Monitoring: Key to Productivity - 74-S-02 - The capabilities of electronics have spread their influence into nearly every sector of the American economy today. Because of increasing pressures for providing more reliable and more uniform performance in manufactured product, electronics is performing a growing role. Solid state electronics now provide the means by which these ends can be achieved most economically. Here to discuss this application of electronics to monitoring, that is, to the measurement, inspection of testing operations required, primarily in the field of automotive manufacture, is Gordon A. McAlpine, who is director of marketing at ITT Industrial and Automation Systems.

IEEE Slide Tape Lectures[edit | edit source]

A series of lectures intended to be distributed with accompanying slides. Only the audio for these programs has been preserved.

Misc. technical talks and interviews[edit | edit source]

Institutional History and Historical Recordings[edit | edit source]